Gear Couplings and Sleeves Manufacturer in India


These distinctive Hub teeth are created suing crowned tooth information on its three surfaces. It also has tip flanks and a root which gives the scope to cause enough contact at tooth’s strongest area. This also helps in accommodating any shaft misalignment in the future. The gear coupling can be used to couple motor to flywheel, flywheel to gear box and many other properties which can enhance the efficiency. We manufacture Gear couplings and provide them to suppliers, exporters and dealers in various parts of India along with maintaining the necessary quality standards. The products we create are ISO 9001-2008 certified, sturdy, reliable and long lasting.

Gear Couplings and Sleeves Manufacturer in India


We also deal in providing top quality Nylon Gear couplings that have been widely acclaimed for their strength, production styles and price. The coupling we make are accurate and very strong, have optimum tolerance capacity and are bound to survive any wear and tear for long. Our professionals have designed these couplings with different types of industrial requirements in mind. There can be different set of requirements that an industry may have and hence we give varied products to suit each of them.


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Gear Couplings and Sleeves Manufacturer in India

We manufacture Gear Couplings and Sleeves with following specifications

Gear Type Normal Module in mm Outside Diameter in mm
Gear Coupling(Full Crowning) 0.5 6 10 500
Gear Coupling Sleeves(I.D) 0.5 6 50 600

Complying Quality Gear Manufacturing Standards

ISO - Hind Gear Industries

" We manufacture world class ground gears for customers who need medium volume Gears, using best gear grinding technology and advance inspection facility "

Manufacturing Capabilities

We have an amazing array in our arsenal. We have everything on platter - Spur gears, Helical gears, Worm & Worm wheels, Racks & Pinions, Gear couplings with full crowing, Internal Gears, Segment gears, Cluster gears, Splined shafts, Sprockets, Cam gears, Timing Belt Pulleys etc. With astonishing range on cards, we are in a position to cater the requirements of different market segments. Be it any kind of segment, we assure effective & durable performance to any kind of machinery. Our products come with assured quality up to Class 3 of DIN 3962 in hardened/ground and with twice range of macules from 0.5 to 35 in. We, therefore, are in a position to meet variety of applications. We have become preferred business associates to many world-class manufacturers, thanks to our specialty in manufacturing of Hardened & Ground gears with precision quality.

Gear Type Normal Module in mm Outside Diameter in mm
  Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
Spur Gear – Hob Finish 0.5 25 10 2500
Spur Gear – Hardened & Precision Ground 0.5 35 50 1250
Spur Gear – Shaped (External) 0.5 25 10 1000
Spur Gear – Shaped (Internal) 0.5 10 75 700
Helical Gears – Hub Finish 0.5 10 10 2500
Helical Gears Hardened & Precision Ground 0.5 35 50 1250
Cluster Gears 0.5 12 10 1000
Timing Belt Pulleys All Varieties   10 2000
Worms - Milled 1 12 10 200
Worms Hardened And Ground 1 12 10 200
Worm Wheels 0.5 25 10 2500
Chain Sprockets, Pitch 5mm 38.1mm 10 200
Gear Coupling (Full Crowing) 0.5 6 10 500
Gear Coupling Sleeves (I.D.) 0.5 6 50 600
Racks 0.5 8 Length 50-1000 mm  


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We inherit Quality in real sense. It is our legacy. It is the culture and it runs through our adrenaline. For us, quality is not just passion but religion. That is what we mean and that is what we breathe. Quality is at center stage, in every activity-right from Raw material procurement. Material inward system, Laboratory testing, Material handling and Accounting, Identification, Storing and Preservation, Processing, Packaging, Forwarding and Dispatch. In every sphere of operation, quality is assured to the hilt.

Flawless Assurance

Quality Assurance practices are bolstered by computerized process plans & stage - wise process drawings supported with 2D & 3D designs. Meticulously thought over "In-process quality Plans" ensured through inspection & quality assurance throughout the entire process.The robust and comprehensive ERP system is the backbone of our entire operation. Nevertheless, our skilled and empowered Quality Assurance Team is always on its toes to see that entire Quality Assurance activities run flawlessly, like a well-oiled machine.

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